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Anna Deas


My name is Anna Deas and I benefitted from The Bishop Laney Foundation's generous support during the four years I studied at The University of East Anglia.

During my degree, I developed an interest in graphic art and literature. The grants given to me by Bishop Laney allowed me to buy graphic novels I would otherwise be unable to afford and enabled me to write a successful dissertation on graphic depictions of female toughness in fantasy comics.

The Foundation’s support became essential when my father left, as the money given made it possible for me to intercalate in 2019.

I am very pleased to let you know that I graduated with a First Class Degree in The History of Art and Literature (BA with Hons) in July 2020.

While my graduation ceremony was cancelled due to Covid-19, I was able to celebrate my academic achievements with some close friends, wearing makeshift ceremonial robes. I have attached a photo below.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who works at The Bishop Laney Foundation.

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The Bishop Laney Foundation provides grants to help apprentices and students from Ely and Soham with their training and further education.

The foundation has given these grants to assist school leavers aged under 25 living in Ely or Soham, for over 340 years.

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The trust is managed by six trustees, three from Ely and three from Soham.

They meet six times a year to oversee the various aspects of the foundation and to preserve the legacy of Bishop Benjamin Laney.


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