Case Studies

Marcus Milwright

During 1984 or 1985, Marcus was enrolled in an art foundation course at the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology. He was fortunate to receive a Bishop Laney Foundation award in that academic year, so he used the money to purchase a range of art materials, including watercolours and high-quality sable brushes.

Marcus used these materials extensively during his first degree, undertaken jointly at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Art School, from 1986-1991. While his academic focus shifted to research in the field of Middle Eastern archaeology, he continued using brushes and other materials in the creation of technical drawings of finds from excavations and surveys. He still makes use of some of them more than thirty years after they were first purchased. Marcus was pleased to have an opportunity to acknowledge the help received, which he describes as “generous”, from The Bishop Laney Foundation.

About us

The Bishop Laney Foundation provides grants to help apprentices and students from Ely and Soham with their training and further education.

The foundation has given these grants to assist school leavers aged under 25 living in Ely or Soham, for over 340 years.

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The trust is managed by six trustees, three from Ely and three from Soham.

They meet six times a year to oversee the various aspects of the foundation and to preserve the legacy of Bishop Benjamin Laney.


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